There are three classes in the world of Felspire. There are no discernable roles, and each class plays fairly similarly. At the moment there a few issues with classes due to the game being new, but these will hopefully be sorted out quickly.

Archer Edit

Archers wield a bow and arrows to do damage to their foes from afar. Their primary stat is Dexterity, and their secondary stat is Vitality. They can summon minions to fight for them by learning skills that require high Intelllect.[1]

Mage Edit

Mages use their staves and orbs to cast magic spells that damage many foes. Their primary stat is Intellect, and their secondastat is Vitality. They use the elements to protect themselves and their friends, as well as destroy their opponents all at once.[2]

Warriors Edit

Warrior use their massive swords to strike their opponents up close. Their Primary stat is Strength, and their secondary stat is Dexterity. They can charge their enemies, and then bring down the wrath of the gods upon them.[3]

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